Every reef keeper knows that good water quality is key to healthy corals, fish and other marine life. There’s no better way to monitor water than testing it with a high quality and accurate test kit.  Based in the Netherlands, Salifert has created the most extensive and popular line of saltwater and reef aquarium test kits available today.  No matter what parameter you want to measure, Salifert has a test kit to do it. The test kits are easy to use, relying on proven colorimetric and titration test methods.

Colorimetric testing involves adding chemicals to a water sample, shaking and matching the color to a comparison chart. Ammonia, phosphate and nitrate are examples of colorimetric testing.  Titration tests like calcium and magnesium are performed by adding a chemical drop by drop, until a color forms. The test result is based on the number of drops it takes to see the color change.  Salifert makes it easy to test your water quality with helpful color cards and charts, no confusing calculations are required! Test kits are available individually or in economical multi-parameter sets. The combination of accuracy, simplicity and quality make Salifert test kits among our favorite for any level of aquarist.