We are super excited to announce that Deltec is back in the USA and Marine Depot is now offering 5 of the most popular in-sump SC series skimmers.

Deltec was the first company to introduce needle-wheel impellers in protein skimmers and has over 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing high-quality skimmers.  The company is based out of Germany and prides themselves in producing very functional and energy efficient aquarium products paying utmost attention to detail. For a long-time Deltec has been known to produce some of the best protein skimmers available for saltwater aquariums.

In days of past Deltec’s presence in the US hit a rough patch based on the lack of knowledgeable support and availability of parts here in the states.  Deltec has since identified and corrected these problems with a new US partnership and Marine Depot is proud to be the exclusive online distributor here in the US for Deltec products.

Deltec Protein Skimmer

The 5 skimmer models we currently have available are suitable for tanks ranging in size from as small as 50 gallons all the way to 700 gallons.

Each skimmer is fitted with a very efficient proprietary Deltec pump that mixes air and water with minimal electrical consumption. Paired with a special venturi design these pumps draw a large volume of air, in fact, you will notice they have some of the most efficient energy to air ratios on the market today.  This means they will produce a lot of foam, I mean a lot!

Each pump is then paired with a single chamber skimmer body that is perfectly sized to allow for maximum performance.  The pumps are logically placed inside the skimmer body to create a small footprint and are very easy to remove with the turn of a single screw.  The threaded outlet pipes allow for fine adjustments to the foam level inside the skimmer body.  These are the types of engineering details that set Deltec apart and has led to their reputation of producing the best protein skimmers available.


Every skimmer is fitted with an air silencer to dampen noise created by air being drawn into the protein skimmer and along with the high performance pump these skimmers operate with very minimal noise.

The four larger models include a collection cup drain with valve making for easy clean up.  The optional Manual cleaning heads allow you to quickly and easily clean the skimmer neck for optimum performance with the simple turn of your wrist.

In addition to the manual cleaning head options, you also have the choice of purchasing an automatic neck cleaner for the larger skimmers which utilizes a motor to rotate a cleaning brush inside the skimmer neck.  With a frequent cleaning of the protein skimmer neck you can increase waste removal by as much as 20%!

The quality construction is another very noticeable detail you will immediately see when getting your hands on one of these skimmers.



The latest SC models are very easy to assemble right out of the box and will provide you with consistent performance through the life of your aquarium when maintained and used properly.

Deltec does not limit their skills to only protein skimmers and has a wonderful selection of time tested media reactors, nitrate filters and calcium reactors.  In time, we hope to be able to offer a wider selection of high quality Deltec products and help us out by letting us know what other Deltec brand products you would like to see available here in the US.  If any of you have experience with Deltec products please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section as well!