One of the most common issues we hear is that reverse osmosis canisters become stuck after sitting for 6 months to a year and that issue can be solved by adding a little lubricant to the canister’s o-ring. DOW’s 111 Molykote Lubricant is our go-to choice to help keep o-rings from binding up over time. Applying a thin coating of DOW 111 Lubricant on your canisters o-rings only takes a couple of seconds during filter changes. Just remove the o-ring out of the canister and put a minimal amount of lubricant on the o-ring and spread it around, making sure that a smooth coating is applied to the o-ring. Then reinstall the o-ring into your canister and you are done! You will be amazed at how effortless the canister can be removed the next time you need to change your RODI filters.