The Aqua Medic Pro ATO is a complete plug and play top-off system with well thought-out design and features.

It uses an infrared sensor mounted in the tank to detect changes in water level. When the water level drops in your tank or sump due to evaporation, the sensor switches on a small water pump inside a reservoir that will pump freshwater into your aquarium. When the water levels reaches the desired height in the aquarium, the pump is then switched off.

The system has a couple of excellent safety features to ensure flawless operation. An internal delay circuit prevents the infrared sensor from being fooled by water movement and switching on and off needlessly.  The back-up overfill temperature sensor is also included to ensure the tank does not over fill in the rare event that the main optical sensor fails.  To protect the pump from running dry, a float sensor is included that is placed inside the freshwater reservoir that will not allow the pump to operate if water level is too low and will notify you with a visual and audible alarm.

The Aqua medic Pro ATO not only makes aquarium keeping easier, it helps keep the aquarium environment more stable. Your salinity won’t “rollercoater” up and down due to evaporation and large top-offs. No matter what kind of aquarium you have, your tank will always be topped off with the Aqua Medic Pro ATO.