About the Owner

I’ve been involved in the aquarium hobby ever since my dad helped me set-up my first freshwater tank when I was four years old. I’ve had freshwater aquariums all my life, but being an avid scuba diver, I’d always wanted a saltwater tank to have my own piece of the ocean in my home.

Back in 2011, a friend directed me to the online forums, and after a bunch of reading and research, I decided to set up my first saltwater reef aquarium. I’ve been hooked on the saltwater reef aquarium hobby ever since, and I have had several different tank set-ups over these last 4 years.

After a tank crash and several set-backs I was discouraged and burned out, so I wanted something new to reignite my passion for reef aquariums. After some research, I decided to try something unique and house lionfish in a mixed-reef environment.

- Felicia Svedlund