Today we are showcasing some brand new sumps we just brought in that are sure to impress. These quality U.S. made sumps come in a variety of different models to suit just about any situation.

All Trigger Systems sumps are made right here in the U.S.A. out of Dallas, Texas and are some of the best sumps money can buy. We are impressed with the durable construction and well thought out designs.

These powerhouse filter boxes have full top support bracing made from one solid piece of material that minimizes bowing and increases rigidity throughout the entire sump. They also have rounded corners which exponentially increases the strength of the corner seams. The particular baffling and design of these sumps was obviously a product of experience with exquisite attention to detail.

We also really like the fact they offer three different sump product lines with sumps available in a variety of sizes: the Crystal, the Ruby and the top-of-the-line Emerald series sumps. This means you can find a sump to fit just about any tank and budget.

The most economical of the three are the Crystal Sumps where you get the most bang for the buck. The Ruby Sumps are mid-level sumps that feature ruby-colored baffles and bracing to reduce algae growth with the same or slightly larger dimensions than the Crystal Sumps as well as built-in probe holders.

Both the Crystal and Ruby sumps are offered with "Sump" and "Elite Sump" configurations. The main difference being the Elite versions have a unique baffling configuration that creates separate water flow through the refugium section allowing for faster water flow through the sump.

Both the Crystal and Ruby are also offered in Cube configurations, which are ideal for cube aquariums or in installations where space is limited.

The top-of-the-line Emerald Sump includes some very desirable and unique features along with the sleek look of green colored bracing and baffles. One of our favorite features are interchangeable plates that allows you to use either a foam block or filter sock. You can use the foam block for coarse mechanical filtration with minimal service required. If you prefer fine mechanical filtration, you can use filters socks instead.

The adjustable baffle allows you to adjust the water level. Built-in platforms make it easy to maintenance filter media and the probe holders allow you to keep your monitoring devices organized and out of the way. They also have some handy holes drilled into the top brace to hold ΒΌ" tubing for reactors, dosers, auto top-off systems and other devices.

With 13 different models to choose from, it is easy to find a Trigger Systems sump that fits your needs. If you need help selecting a sump for your tank, please contact us for honest advice from real hobbyists.

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Until next time... take care and happy reef keeping.

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