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Titanium 39 Sump

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Efficient Filtration for Crystal Clear Water

  • Premium Acrylic Construction
  • Adjustable Chamber Divider
  • Built-in LED Accent Lights
  • Multiple Chambers for Flexible Usage
  • Neptune Systems LLS Compatible


The Titanium line of sumps offers versatile filtration configurations, including options for filter socks or an available separate fleece roller. Trigger Titanium sumps combine functionality and aesthetics, featuring a white bottom, smoked walls, and a clear front panel, all framed with a black wrap for a polished appearance. This sump may be the last sump that you'll ever buy.


Thoughtfully Designed

Flush Lids for Every Section: Every section has a flush mounted lid made of polycarbonate so they won’t bow over time. The lids help to reduce noise and evaporation.

Wire Holders: Three wire holders are built-in throughout the sump to help keep your wires organized.

Configurable Fittings with Plates: Plumbing inputs and outputs are all installed with plates. Blank plates are also included if you don't need to use all of the plumbing connections. 

LLS Liquid Level Sensor Holder: In the back right corner of the sump, there is a hole that perfectly holds a Neptune Systems LLS Liquid Level Sensor (sold separately). A blank plate is also included if the LLS is not being used.

Built-In LEDs: The Titanium sumps and reservoirs all feature built-in LEDs that not only enhance the visual appeal of your filtration system, but also help brighten the area when you need to perform maintenance on your equipment. There is a dedicated remote and holder situated right on the front of the sump, so you'll always have it handy.


Additional Features:

Six 0.25" push connect fittings for dosing and ATO

Magnetic probe holder

Two magnetic heater holders

Center wall movable and removable

Adjustable water level

Water level markings

Sliding cross brace




Dimensions: 39" long x 16" wide x 15" high

Uses Titanium Fleece Kit 10"

Middle Section: 20.75" x 15.5"

Return Pump Section: 8" x 15.5"

Total Water Volume: 40 gallons

Skimmer Water Level: 7" to 9.5" adjustable


What's Included?

Trigger Systems Titanium 39 Sump

2x 4" Filter Socks

Configuration Plates

Polycarbonate Lids

Magnetic Probe Holder

2x Magnetic Heater Mounts

Adjustable Divider Baffle

Sliding Cross Brace


LED Remote


Note: Neptune Systems Liquid Level Sensor & Fleece Roller Kit sold separately.

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Product Questions

I have a 210 gallon tank, will this work for me. It is a new setup..
Question by: Francis Vega on Feb 9, 2024, 11:33 AM
It is typically recommended to have a sump no less than 25% of your display tank volume. If you have a 210 gallon tank, you would want a minimum of 52.5 gallon sump, meaning this sump would be too small.
Answer by: Laura (BRS Staff) on Feb 15, 2024, 1:55 PM