Innovative Marine made some significant improvements to their NUVO aquarium line earlier this year with the release of the Fusion 30L and Fusion 40, which incorporated some of the cooler features of their SR-Series (shallow reef) tanks, like higher quality low-iron glass and mesh screen tops.

Now Innovative Marine has taken the next logical step and woven those advancements into two nano-sized tanks.

The Fusion Nano 10 ($100) has a 10 gallon capacity and features a redesigned filter wall for current and future Innovative Marine products, like the CustomCaddy Media Basket, MiniMax Media Reactor and Ghost Protein Skimmer.

Most small all-in-one style tanks are notoriously difficult to fit cool add-ons into the back filtration compartment, leaving nano reefers with little options for upgrading their smaller reef tanks. The folks at Innovative Marine clearly recognized this collective frustration and addressed it in their new build.

As a hobbyist, knowing you can outfit your desktop-sized tank with more advanced filtration equipment to help keep water parameters stable as your tank matures definitely gives you more confidence that the aquarium itself will prove to be a worthwhile investment.

The bigger of Innovative Marine's two new tanks, the Fusion Nano 20 ($200), is 24” long, 15” wide and 13” tall. They classify the Fusion Nano 20 as a "desktop" aquarium on their website, but you'll be happy to know they actually offer a sold separately cabinet stand so you can place the tank pretty much anywhere in your home or office.

The Fusion Nano 20 stand ($200) is made of high-density fiberboard (HDF) and measures 36” tall (24” x 15” x 36”), with magnetic cabinet latches, storage shelves and pre-cut ports for cables.

The Fusion Nano 20 has 6mm high-clarity low-iron glass and a mesh screen top with clips (like the SR-Series), which helps keep critters inside your tank and aids light penetration. The tank has dual built-in overflows and includes a single 211 gallon per hour (GPH) water pump. Filtered water is pumped back into the tank through two directional flow return nozzles.

Innovative Marine also includes a rubber leveling mat to ensure your tank sits on the stand just right. Leveling mats help smooth out uneven surfaces on an aquarium stand as well as compensate for leveling to a small degree.

Like its 10 gallon little brother, the Fusion Nano 20 is ready to go out of the box—but can totally be upgraded using Innovative Marine's line of AUQA Gadgets!

You can swap out the directional flow return nozzles for Spin Streams to create randomized flow, replace the stock media baskets with CustomCaddys to personalize your filtration (a refugium, perhaps?), make the most of media by running a MiniMax Media Reactor and remove organics using a Ghost Protein Skimmer.

You can also automatically top-off water lost from evaporation using IM's own HydroFill ATO Pump and Controller.

It should go without saying at this point, since nearly all of Innovative Marine's product releases have been unquestionable successes, but these aquariums are among the best small tanks you can buy right now.

We have both tanks, along with the Fusion Nano 20 stand, available now for pre-order... and should have them all in stock in no time! We can't wait to see the build threads on the boards once these tanks are out in the wild.

So what do YOU think?

Is the Fusion Nano 10 worthy of some desktop real estate in your office? Are the dimensions of the Fusion Nano 20 accommodating enough for you to build the aquascape of your dreams? Sound off in the comments and let us know if you're feeling these new tanks.

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