The use of a UV sterilizer is a great way to help reduce algae in the water column and to reduce free-floating pathogens. The result is increased water clarity, less algae and a healthier aquarium.
UV sterilizers work by using special lamps that emit light in the UV-C spectrum (peaking at 254nm). As water passes through the UV sterilizer, algae and pathogen are ‘zapped’ by the UV light and are killed.

UV sterilizers only kill off bacteria, algae and protozoa that pass through it, so it will not cause harm to the beneficial bacteria growing on your biological filter or your live sand and live rock.

It is important to note UV sterilizers do not kill algae attached to rock, sand or parasites attached to your fish. Many parasites do have a free-swimming, water-borne stage in its life cycle. A UV sterilizer helps reduce the population of harmful parasites by killing them off in their free-swimming stage.

The Aqua UV Advantage 2000 HOB UV Sterilizer is a cost-effective and easy way to add a UV sterilizer to your aquarium. It is available in an 8 watt unit for saltwater aquariums up to 50 gallons and a 15 watt unit for tanks up to 75 gallons.

Installation is very simple. The sterilizer simply hangs on the back of your aquarium and water can be supplied with either a powerhead or a canister filter.

Crucial to the effectiveness of a UV sterilizer is the flow rate. If the flow rate is too fast, the water will not be exposed to the UV sterilizer long enough to kill off the algae/pathogen. If the flow rate is too slow, not enough water will be processed. Be sure you stay within the recommended flow rate range for your UV sterilizer.

Since the output of UV sterilizer bulbs decease over time, make sure to replace the bulbs annually and clean off the quartz sleeve a few times a year to help maximize light penetration.
Aqua UV Advantage 2000 Sterilizers are high-quality and easy-to-install. If you are looking to achieve better water clarity, reduce algae growth and have a tool to help combat parasites in a small to medium-sized aquarium, an Aqua UV Advantage 2000 Sterilizer would be a great addition to your aquarium.