Acro Eating Flatworms or AEFW can wreak havoc in reef aquariums containing SPS corals. These tiny aquarium pests infect your SPS colonies to consume the flesh, slowly killing the coral. They will spread from one colony to the next until there is nothing left for them to eat.

Using a combo of Korallen-Zucht Flatworm Stop and Coral Booster in your reef tank will deliver a 1-2 punch to these acro-eating flatworms AND promote a speedy recovery among your SPS corals.

This KZ combo is unique in that it is not a medication rather a combo of reef-safe additives that can be used in any reef tank containing SPS corals, whether you're dealing with Flatworms or not!

Flatworm Stop works by strengthening your coral and promoting rapid regeneration of tissue. The coral tissue also becomes unpalatable to the pests and will slowly starve them out. Coral Booster then compliments this by serving up bio-available trace elements to rebalance any deficiencies and ensure the corals have everything they need to sustain the accelerated growth.

  • Dose directly into display tank: 1 mL of each solution per 25 gallons of tank water daily.

Almost immediately you should see increased polyp extension and even a slow improvement in coloration. The best part is, there really is no need to wait until you notice AEFW in your tank, when used together the additives have a variety of highly desirable benefits for your coral. So whether you're fighting off a flatworm infection or simply want to provide your corals with the BEST defense, consider the Korallen Zucht Flatworm Stop and Coral Booster Combo for your aquarium today!

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