Reef Breeders LED Lighting

ReefBreeders Photon V2 LEDs are some of the most popular mid-level LED lights for reef aquarists; they are priced great, perform well, and are easy to control. The included suspension kit allows you to easily hang the fixtures from your ceiling or you can use the BOT (Back Of Tank) Light Mounts to attach the Photon V2 directly to the wall of your aquarium.  

The BOT Light Mounts are super convenient because you can install them in minutes and they eliminate the hassle of anchoring cables into your ceiling. The sturdy mounts are versatile and will accommodate either traditional black-framed or contemporary rimless aquariums. The included shims reduce pressure points on your aquarium glass and the adjustable arms make it easy to set the appropriate mounting height and center the fixture over your aquarium.  

BOT Light Mount Specifications & Features

  • Compatible with all Photon LED lights- V2, V2+ and V2 Pro
  • Mounts on tanks from 1/4” to 1.5” thick
  • Sized for tanks measuring 16” to 24” front to back
  • Max Height: 14”
  • Horizontal Adjustment Range: 9” to 13” on center (front to back)
  • Min Tank Thickness: 1/4”
  • Max Tank Thickness: 1.5”