Maintaining the filter sock on your sump is arguably the most annoying part of having a sump. You have to swap them every few days which means you need to always keep a fresh clean sock on hand. For frugality's sake, most of us will re-use the filter socks which means you have to clean and store them as well.

The Trigger Systems Platinum series sumps are the perfect solution to your filter sock frustrations! 

The Platinum sumps are purpose-built sumps built around an integrated automatic filter roller. You don't have to worry about retrofitting a third-party filter roller or cutting out existing sock holders because the sump comes with the filter roller built right in.  Not only that, it looks awesome with royal blue acrylic panels and you get all of the best features and top-notch quality Trigger Systems is known for. 

Filter Roller
Dosing Tube Connections
Platinum 39 Baffle

Feature Rich Design

Trigger System's Platinum sumps are constructed using cast acrylic with built-in baffling and 4 distinct chambers. The first drain chamber houses the automatic fleece roller, followed by the skimmer chamber, accessory chamber, and the final pump chamber which means you have plenty of room for additional life support equipment. There is an adjustable/removable baffle that allows you to adjust the water height and a coarse foam prefilter to eliminate bubbles from entering your return pump. 

Connecting to your tank is easy via the included dual 1" primary drain connections as well as an optional secondary/emergency drain connection. The Platinum 20 and 26 include an 8" wide fleece roller while the larger Platinum 34 and 39 sumps feature a 10" wide fleece roll. This wide roll gives you more surface area to filter your water with each pass through compared to most other filter rollers that measure 6" wide or less. 

All of the sumps also have a 4 port dosing tube quick-disconnect bracket, 4 port probe holder, laser engraved water level markings, polycarbonate lid for the fleece chamber, and magnetic sensor track to keep the float sensors in position. 

Reliable Operation & Easy Maintenance

The automatic filter roller is controlled using a primary float switch located inside the first drain chamber that should be set at your desired water level. There is also a secondary float positioned 1-2" above the water line in your return pump chamber that protects the filter from constantly running in the event of an overfill from a defunct ATO. You also have the option to manually advance the roll and turn off power via buttons right on the controller.

The entire roller assembly is super easy to assemble and attaches to the sump using included nylon screws. Replacing the rolls is easy using the acrylic brackets and each sump includes x2 rolls right out of the box which will last roughly 60-90 days on most fully stocked reef aquariums. 

All of the chambers have open-top access for easy maintenance and there are removable wire tracks to secure the sensor wires and keep things looking nice. 

Trigger Systems Platinum 20 Cube Sump
Trigger Systems Platinum 20 Cube
Dimensions - 20" L x 20" W x 15" H
Total Water Volume - 24.3 Gallons

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Trigger Systems Platinum 26 SumpTrigger Systems Platinum 26
Dimensions - 26" L x 13" W x 15" H
Total Water Volume - 20.4 Gallons

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Trigger Systems Platinum 34 Sump
Trigger Systems Platinum 34
Dimensions - 34" L x 15" W x 15" H
Total Water Volume - 31 Gallons

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Trigger Systems Platinum 39 SumpTrigger Systems Platinum 39
Dimensions - 39" L x 16" W x 15" H
Total Water Volume - 40 Gallons

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