Mechanical filtration, like filter socks and pads, is a very necessary part of reef tank filtration. With most forms of mechanical filtration, it is the required maintenance that really makes it a bummer. The filter pads or filter material will clog up and require that you swap out them out or clean them every few days.

The Klir DI-4 Drop-In Automatic Filter Roller is an automated solution to end filter socks for good! The Klir fleece filter rollers eliminate the need for frequent cleaning altogether and will retrofit directly into most standard 4" or 7" filter sock holders! That means you can kiss your filter socks goodbye and enjoy the benefits of improved water clarity, reduced maintenance, and more effective nutrient export! 

What makes the Klir DI-4 special is the fact that it was designed specifically for retro-fit into just about any existing sump. There are two models, the DI-4 designed for 4" diameter filter sock holders and the larger DI-7 for 7" diameter holders. They also make a stand or bracket mount that allows you to install the Klir into an empty sump chamber.  That means no matter what kind of existing sump filtration you have, filter sock holder or not, there is a Klir mounting solution for you.

Klir DI-4 Specifications

  • Dimensions - 4.125" L x 4.125" W x 17.125" H
  • Flow Rate - 750 GPH max
  • Filter Sock Hole Requirements: 3.85", 4" or 4.25"

In order to install the DI-4 into your filter sock holder, your filter sock chamber on the sump needs to be able to accommodate the fluctuating water level and overall filter dimensions. The water level can vary as much as 1.5" above the sock tray itself.  You will need a total of 8.125" of space below the sock tray and 4.125" opening above the sock tray for overall clearance.

For those without a filter sock holder, the mounting bracket holds a single Klir DI-4 and can rest right on the flat bottom of any sump chamber that measures at least 7.5" x  5.5". The most common and ideal location would be the very first drain chamber in the sump. The bracket includes dual 1" drain pipe connections as well as a flow diverter so you can control how much water is diverted through the filter roller. 

How It Works

The number of Klir filter rollers you need is not based on how many sock holders you have, rather it's the flow rate. One unit can handle a maximum drain rate of 750 GPH and if you're running anything more than that, you would technically need two filter rollers to handle all of the flow or jump up to the DI-7 should your sump accommodate a 7" filter sock. With a majority of aquariums, a single DI-4 will be sufficient and if you have multiple filter sock holders you can cap or cover the remaining holders with the flow diverting caps. This allows you to control exactly how much water is pushed through your filter roller.

As the filter fleece clogs up, the water level above your sock holder will slowly rise. The Klir DI-4 contains an optical sensor that will register the rising water level and trigger the motor to pull the clogged fleece replacing it with clean fleece. The water level will then drop back to normal operating level until it clogs up again. Once you have exhausted the entire fleece roll, simply pull out the dirty roll and replace it with a fresh roll of filter material.

Most hobbyists are finding a single roll will last anywhere from 2 - 6 weeks depending on the bioload and flow rate. It really does vary tank to tank but on average, one roll per month is a good expectation which will cost just $14 monthly for the new filter roll. **Pro Tip: Stock up on replacement rolls, buying more than one at a time, to save on shipping costs and never be stuck without a fresh roll. 

Klir filter rolls can also be connected directly to a Hydros Aquarium Controller drive port via an adapter cable. You will also need a Hydros magnetic optical sensor to replace the sensor that comes with your Klir. This will not only replace Klir's power adapter but also allows you to fine-tune the operation. The magnetic water sensor allows you to adjust the maximum water level to help mitigate false readings in splashy sumps. You can set minimum and maximum run times for the Klir motor using the Hydros which means you can control exactly how much fleece is used based on your tank's needs.