The Prism ATO manufactured by Reef Breeders is a comprehensive Auto Top Off (ATO) kit designed specifically for use with Nano tanks and AIO aquariums. Comprehensive meaning it comes with everything you need to top off your saltwater aquarium with fresh RO/DI water. The sensor, controller, pump, tubing, and necessary plumbing attachments. The single water level detection probe encases 3 individual infrared sensors to give you the ultimate protection without fussing with multiple sensors and their wires. Exactly why it is perfect for smaller tanks, that single probe will fit into any size pump chamber. The infrared sensor probe is also magnetically mounted meaning it will work nicely with both rimmed and rimless style tanks and doesn't require a transparent pane of glass or acrylic to work properly.

Reef Breeders Prism ATO Water Level Sensor

Three Water Level Sensors In A Single Probe

  • Low Level: If water drops below this point, the pump will be activated until the water hits the next sensor.
  • Fill Level: 1" above the low-level sensor, this sensor turns the fill pump off when it detects water.
  • High Level: 1" above the fill level, and 2" above the low-level sensor, this sensor deactivates the pump when it senses water.

Prism ATO Pump and Fill Tube

The pump speed or strength is often a limiting factor for ATO systems that include a pump and don't give you the option of choosing your own pump. The pump may be too strong or not strong enough meaning it won't pump far enough or it will pump too fast or too slow for your particular needs. In the case of the Prism, your included pump can deliver water up to a maximum of 8ft and is super tiny so it fits into most all ATO reservoirs, even carboys with small threaded openings.  

Reef Breeder Prism ATO schematic

Reef Breeders Prism ATO Specifications:

  • Power Input - 120V AC, 60Hz
  • DC Pump Max Head - 8 feet
  • Max Mounting/Tank Thickness - 0.50"
  • Internal Dimensions - 3"L x 1"W x 1.25"H
  • External Dimensions - 1.25"L" x 1"W
  • Warranty - 12 Months
  • Water Level Detection - Infrared