In Week 14 of this Beginner's Guide series, Matthew (of My First Fish Tank) covers everything you'll need to know about Reef Sand. Sizes. Colors. Depth. Varieties. How much you'll need. How to install. Prop care and maintenance. It's all here.

Jump to your pressing questions :

01:07 - What is reef sand?

01:41 - What is live reef sand?

02:05 - 3 Functions of a sand bed

02:37 - Do I need a sand bed?

04:15 - Deep vs Shallow sand beds

06:03 - 3 Sand colors

06:18 - Grain sizes

09:16 - How much sand do you need?

10:22 - Can I use any old sand?

11:45 - CaribSea reef sand options

14:22 - 7 Sands up close

20:25 - How to install a sand bed

22:06 - How to care for your sandbed

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