An Aquarium Thermometer You Can Calibrate With. It's That Good! Hanna Checktemp Thermometer

We have a riddle for you.

Your heater is set to 78° F, your glass floating thermometer shows 81° F yet the heating element is ON. One of those heat-sensitive stick-on thermometers shows a color change somewhere in the range of 70°-80° F. Your digital thermometer display is blank because you ran out of battery life months ago and can't seem to find the right size watch battery to replace it. What is your actual water temperature?

The answer is you just don't know and this is an unfortunate reality for many aquarium owners. This is because a majority of affordable aquarium thermometers on the market are not held to any standard. Hanna Instruments has solved that problem with their Checktemp 1 Digital Thermometer which goes through a pariticular certification using NIST (National Institute of Safety and Technology) standards and reference instruments to provide all of us reef tank owners with reliable and accurate water temperature measurements.

What that means for you and your tank is you get a temperature reading that you can be confident is accurate. Accurate enough to calibrate your heater controllers and any other temperature reading devices used on your aquarium so you can get consistent readings across the board and be able to more easily identify any problems with this equipment.

Hanna Instruments Checktemp 1 Digital Thermometer

Checktemp 1 Features:

  • IP65 water resistant
  • Displays in °F or °C
  • ±0.5°F accuracy with a range of -58° to 302° F
  • Silicone probe cable and AISI 316 stainless steel probe
  • User selectable Auto Off Function - save battery life
  • Uses and includes common AAA batteries with roughly a 3 year battery life

Hanna Instruments Checktemp 1 Digital Thermometer

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