Flipper's claim to fame is their magnetic 2-n-1 glass scrapers that provide the one-swipe cleaning capabilities of a scraper with the accessibility of a magnet cleaner. Their innovative design gives you the best of both worlds with a blade and a coarse foam pad so no matter what you're up against, the Flipper can help keep your tank clean and you don't even have to get your hands wet! 

The Flipper Edge is the latest evolution in the Flipper family of magnet cleaners that engages a dual-blade design for ultimate algae removal and increased longevity. With a quick turn and shift of position using the outside magnet, the internal assembly will automatically flip over inside your tank giving you access to the flat foam cleaning surface for daily maintenance.

Flipper Edge Standard
Flipper Edge Magnetic Algae Cleaner
2.5"x 4" Cleaning Surface
2.25" wide blades
Ideal for glass & acrylic up to 1/2" thick

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Flipper Max Algae Magnet Cleaner
Flipper Edge MAX Magnetic Algae Cleaner
3.25"x 5" Cleaning Surface
3" wide blades
Ideal for glass & acrylic up to 1" thick

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The new Flipper Edge is available in two different sizes and both models include a set of metal and plastic blades making them suitable for either glass or acrylic aquariums. The internal assembly floats so you won't have to get your hands wet should the two sides become disconnected and the large grip makes it easy to maneuver the cleaner along your tank's walls. 

Flipper Magnet Cleaner on aquarium

Why Dual Blades?

The dual-blade design has a few benefits over the classic single-blade Flipper cleaners and will make quick work of even the toughest calcareous build-up or coralline algae. You can effectively scrape your glass in both directions without having to turn the cleaner. The new steel metal blades rest inside a redesigned bracket and are far more functional than the previous single-blade clips. With each metal blade, you get 4 cleaning edges which means once you dull a cleaning edge, just flip it over for a fresh edge. Dull it again and you can turn it over for two more fresh edges on the opposite side. This increased longevity makes the Edge model the most affordable Flipper magnet cleaner when it comes to maintenance. 

For those of you with aquariums made of acrylic, the included plastic blades have two different edges, one flat and one serrated, so you can choose the edge that works best for your situation. No matter what kind of tank you have, the flat cleaning surface with a coarse foam pad works perfectly for everyday maintenance and wipes away the easier-to-remove film algae.