18" Flipper Platinum Hand Scraper for Glass & Acrylic Aquariums

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Never Buy Replacement Blades Again!

  • Use any old credit card, gift card, hotel room key, etc as your scraper blade
  • Cut your own custom blade card shapes for reaching difficult areas
  • Blade holder design accepts cards inserted in any direction
  • Durable solid fiberglass handle
  • Includes 1 glass/acrylic-safe blade
  • 18" Length


Fl!pper's Platinum Hand Scrapers are the perfect tool for thrifty or DIY enthusiasts wanting to eliminate algae from their aquarium glass. The scraper's innovative, patent-pending blade holder design readily turns any old gift card, credit card, or hotel key into an algae-busting blade! You can insert old cards into the scraper device at any angle, and even cut the cards to custom shapes to reach difficult areas or scrape rounded glass. The cleaning possibilities are endless! Better yet, you'll never have to go out and buy a replacement blade again!

Short on old credit cards? The Flipper Platinum Scraper includes one scraper blade with purchase that is suitable for use on glass or acrylic tanks. Additional blades can be purchased separately, if desired. Stainless steel blades are available for busting difficult algae deposits on glass tanks, and plastic blades are available for both glass and acrylic tanks.

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Product Questions

Is the entire product made of plastic?
Question by: H on Feb 28, 2023, 7:46 PM
The scraper and scraper holder is plastic, the rod is fiberglass, and the handle is rubber.
Answer by: William Reed (BRS Staff) on Mar 23, 2023, 2:25 PM