No more flying coach for your corals! Give them a first-class ride in Fiji Cube's Frag Traveler which will keep your corals safe and secure during travel!

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The Frag Traveler is a plastic Tupperware style container with a water-tight threaded lid that will hold up to 750 mL of water. The small container takes up way less space compared to your typical plastic bags, it is reusable, and is far less likely to leak water while traveling home from your local fish store, frag swap, or reef aquarium tradeshow.

Inside, the container contains an acrylic frag rack with 12 positions to hold 1/2" stem frag plugs. The handle allows you to easily remove the entire tray of frags which are securely held in place with a silicone "frag locking" system. You can combine all your frags together inside a single container and maintain peace of mind that they won't break or run into each other causing deadly stings.

The frag positions are also labeled with numbers 1-12 allowing you to write down the common or scientific names of your coral upon purchase. This way you can keep track of the individual corals and be confident you are caring for them correctly upon placing them into your tank or frag system.