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AquaBlade-P Acrylic Safe Replacement Blades

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1-Pack AquaBlade-P Acrylic Safe Replacement Blade

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3-Pack AquaBlade-P Acrylic Safe Replacement Blades

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AquaBlade Replacement Blades for acrylic aquariums

A direct replacement for Continuum AquaBlade Scrapers. Designed just for acrylic aquariums, these blades are made of a self-lubricating plastic that is actually softer than acrylic but strong enough to remove stubborn coralline algae!

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AquaBlade-P replacement blades were custom designed just for cleaning acrylic aquariums. Continuum Aquatics uses a special self-lubricating plastic that is softer than acrylic and will not scratch! Changing the blades out only takes a few seconds and there is nothing better than a fresh new blade for cleaning stubborn coralline algae or other deposits that may have formed on your glass. The blades are made to endure repetitive cleanings but eventually, all scrapers will become dull and ineffective. When that happens just snap in a new blade!


AquaBlade-P Replacement Blades - Made of a custom plastic mixture that is actually softer than acrylic but still strong enough to remove built-up deposits and is recommended to use for acrylic or plastic aquariums. 

AquaBlade-M Replacement Blades - Designed for glass aquariums and made of 316 stainless steel for a long rust-free service life.

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Product Questions

Will the acrylic safe replacement blades fit the Kent scraper handles?
Question by: Roy Drinnen on Nov 3, 2022, 9:38 AM
The AquaBlade replacement blades are only designed to work with current and previous AquaBlade units.
Answer by: Scott F. (BRS Staff) on Nov 9, 2022, 1:16 PM