Trap Your Nasty Fish Poo From Your Protein Skimmer With the Avast Marine Skimate Locker!

Nothing is worse than finding your collection cup has overflowed, dumping stinky fish waste back into your tank water or worse yet, onto the floor. The Skimmate Locker from Avast Marine will eliminate the risk of overflowing your collection cup altogether while also effectively reducing any sort of smells that originate from the concentrated fish waste.

The way it works is simple. You will connect the locker directly to your collection cup via flexible tubing. As waste and water overflow into the collection cup, it will be drained via gravity into the large holding chamber. If the waste collection chamber fills up completely, the pressure sensitive switch included with the Skimmate Locker will cut power to your protein skimmer pump, eliminating the risk of an overflow or spill. As an added benefit the lid of the Skimmate Locker is retrofitted with a refillable carbon filter that removes odors before they find their way out from under your tank. There are no moving parts and no complicated switches or programing with an external controller. Simple, effective and reliable skimmer protection for your reef tank.

Avast Marine Skimmate Locker

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