How Much Aquarium Carbon Do You Really Need? The BRS Mini GFO and Carbon Reactor For Tanks To 100gal

Don't let the size fool you because the BRS Mini GFO and Carbon Filter Media Reactor can make a bigger impact than you might think. It only measures a total of 9" tall with the mounting bracket, that is roughly 5" shorter than our standard GFO and Carbon Reactor, but in many cases will hold enough media for tanks up to 100 gallons. That fact alone means the BRS Mini is actually the best media reactor option for a majority of reef tank owners!

Why so small? The compact design makes it much easier to mount and maintain where space is limited. You can easily squeeze the reactor up under your stand or down into your sump without taking up a ton of space. It can be mounted wet or dry and uses the same 1/2" quick disconnect fittings and semi-rigid "poly" tubing found on all of our media reactors. The small canister is easy to handle with one hand and the included wrench makes it even easier to tighten/loosen the canister for maintenance. You can use any water pump that will deliver the appropriate flow rates or purchase the reactor kit that includes our preferred Sicce 1.5 pump to ensure sufficient fluidization through your media of choice.

Bulk Reef Suppler Mini GFO and Carbon Reactor

Now sure if the Mini Reactor will work for you? No problem, just head on over to the BRS Calculator and find out how much carbon you really need. You can select the media type and then enter your tank size. Hit the calculate button and find out how much media we recommend you use. The included canister will accept activated carbon, GFO or a blend of the two with a maximum capacity of about 3/4 cup leaving room for the sponges and proper installation of the cap.

Tank Size Recommended Amount of Rox 0.8 Carbon
10 Gallons 1 tbsp
20 Gallons 2 tbsp
40 Gallons 4 tbsp or 1/4 cup
50 Gallons 5 tbsp
75 Gallons 7 tbsp or 1/2 cup
90 Gallons 9 tbsp
120 Gallons 12 tbsp or 3/4 cup

BRS GFO & Carbon Mini Reactor Helpful Tips

  1. The included ball valve goes on the input side of the reactor, between the pump and reactor lid, which gives you precision control over the water flow through. DO NOT put the ball valve on the outlet as this will create back pressure, possible clogging and result in inconsistent performance.
  2. Pick and easy to access spot to mount the mini reactor, after all, you will have to maintain it on a regular basis so why make it hard on yourself. It can be safely submerged into your sump or hung on the wall inside your stand using the included bracket.
  3. Purchase spare parts and extra media upfront. Having some extra sponges, a replacement O-ring, and plenty of filter media just makes your life easy. You will be prepared for the unexpected and are much less likely to procrastinate when the time comes.
  4. Don't lose the wrench! It sounds silly but losing these RO canister wrenches is very common so just be diligent about it. The same wrench can be used for your RO/DI system maintenance so it's not a bad idea to keep with your replacement filters and/or reactor media.

Bulk Reef Suppler Mini GFO and Carbon Reactor

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