Today on BRStv, we have a brand new episode of our series, BRStv Investigates. In this series, we explore popular reefing theories, products, methods, and what the manuals are missing, with a focus on putting them to the test! MarinePure Ceramic Media is considered to be an excellent method for stabilizing and controlling nitrates in a reef aquarium. However, over the recent years, we have stumbled across end-user claims of denitrification, and after looking at MarinePures website they do have a very vague claim about it, and we are going to put it to the test! Our test consisted of multiple tanks each with a different type of MarinePure media and nutrient additions of frozen Mysis shrimp. We also had a control tank that was set up exactly the same but without any ceramic media. Over a few month period, we tested the nitrate levels in each aquarium, recording our findings. What we found was that the MarinePure tanks and the control tank took drastically different paths to end up where they did. Make sure to watch the video to see the results, and where they all ended up! Next week we have another excellent episode of BRStv Investigates, so make sure to keep an eye out for it. We have a bunch of tests currently running that we are very excited to share with you! *Legal Stuff* The purpose and content of this video is to provide general information regarding the products and their applications as presented in the video. Aquatic sales solutions, inc. And its officers, directors, employees and agents disclaim all express or implied warranties, in any way, related to the products and their application as presented in this video, make no representation or warranty regarding the products and the application as presented in this video and shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses or damages of any type, including but not limited to punitive damages, or from personal injury or death resulting from or in any manner related to the video, and the products in and contents of the video. The viewer expressly agrees that aquatic sales solutions, inc. And its officers, directors, employees and agents shall not be liable for any damages or losses related to the products in and content of the video and hereby agrees to hold the foregoing harmless from any such losses or damages.