BRS Refractometer

Best Selling Refractometer

BRS Refractometer


The tried and true analog refractometer has long been the preferred salinity-measuring device for saltwater aquarists. It's accurate, affordable, and easy to use with minimal room for error.  


BRS Refractometer with LED Light

Best Salinity Meter for Low Light or Those With Bad Eyes

BRS Refractometer with LED light


Improving upon the classic refractometer, the BRS Refractometer with LED light has a built-in light to illuminate the prism making it easy to see your salinity measurements in low light conditions. It creates a very crisp resolution through the viewing port regardless of the light levels around the refractometer making it much easier to read for those who have trouble seeing the markings. 


Milwaukee Digital Seawater Refractometer

Most Reliable Salinity Meter / Refractometer

Milwaukee Digital Seawater Refractometer


By far and away, the most highly regarded digital refractometer on the market, the Milwaukee Digital Seawater Refractometer is incredibly easy to use, very reliable and eliminates any guesswork when it comes to measuring salinity.  The meter can provide results using specific gravity, parts per thousand, or practical salinity units. It with automatically compensate for difference in temperature and should be calibrated before each use to ensure the most accurate results. 


Tropic Marine Floating Hydrometer

Most Affordable Salinity Meter

Tropic Marin Glass Floating Hydrometer


The surprisingly simple and handy floating hydrometer from Tropic Marin is a great device to have on hand for any hobbyist.  While it's not the most convenient device for everyday use, it's a great tool to verify the accuracy of your primary salinity meter and can come in handy when mixing up clean saltwater.  Results are instantaneous and it never requires calibration. 


Hanna Instruments Digital Salinity Meter

Most Affordable Digital Salinity Meter

Hanna Instrument Digital Salinity Meter

Easy, quick, and convenient this digital salinity pen from Hanna Instruments relies on conductivity to provide accurate salinity measurements. Simply dip the calibrated pen into a sample of seawater and results will quickly be produced with the push of a button. 


Hanna Instruments Marine Monitor

Best for Affordable Monitoring of Salinity

Hanna Instruments Marine Monitor


For the ongoing monitoring of salinity directly in your display, the Marine Monitor is a great solution and will help identify when something goes wrong in your tank. In addition to salinity, you gain the benefit of real-time pH and temperature monitoring - the most fundamental parameters in any saltwater aquarium. The digital display is easy to read at a glance and you can set up audible alerts to sound when parameters fall outside a suitable range. 


Salinity Probe

Best Real-time Monitoring of Salinity

Neptune Systems Apex with Salinity Probe


For those who want to achieve the most comprehensive monitoring and control over their aquarium, there is the Neptune Systems Apex. The Apex is so much more than a salinity meter and will give you the ability to monitor salinity from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. The Apex Pro model comes with a built-in salinity port or you can simply add the PM2 module with salinity probe to any Apex system. 


VCA Salinity Probe Stability Kit

Best Solution for Stability

Vivid Creative Aquatics Salinity Probe Stability Kit


This is a clever accessory for use with conductivity-based salinity probes and helps to eliminate air bubbles that often create unreliable readings.