Best Powerheads of 2019 - Find the BEST pump for your reef tank

EcoTech Marine Vortech QuietDrive Series

Most popular - Lowest Maintenance - Best Battery Back-Up

Simply the best. The Vortech QuietDrive pumps took home the trophy in three categories pushing it to also win the overall “Best in Show” designation. They are the best selling pumps on our website, by a mile, require hassle free maintenance and offer the best battery back-up accessory on the market.


Hydor Koralia

Most Economical

If you're looking for the best priced option to get the job done, any one of the various Hydor Koralia models will be the best option. The Koralia uses sturdy AC motors that will outlast most any DC pump motor on a saltwater aquarium and if kept clean, will likely out live the aquarium. The latest Gen3 models are the newest additions with new impellers and new motors for quieter operation with classic wave timers. Koralia pumps in general have also become the favorite salt mixing pump because of the longevity, low cost and wide flow.


Aqua Illumination Nero 5

Smallest footprint and most compact profile

Aqua Illumination released the Nero 5 last year with great success, it is the smallest overall profile pump to date so you can spend more time looking are your fish and corals and less time staring at pumps and cords. It does not require a bulky power supply and can conveniently be controlled directly from your smartphone via the myAI app.


Neptune Systems WAV

Lowest cost per GPH

After doing the math, we were almost surprised to see this workhorse pump from Neptune Systems will give you the most flow for your money. A single WAV pump is capable of moving up to 4,000 GPH and when integrated with your APEX controller, the control options are endless.


Maxspect Gyre

Best performance near the water's surface

The most unique pump with a design and feature set all of its own. The Gyre pumps long cylinder shape and impeller design allows you to mount the pump within just a couple inches of the water’s surface meaning you can get water flow over your corals and tuck the pump up out of site.

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