Best Reverse Osmosis Systems of 2019: Top 3 RO/DI

We have created a line of RO/DI systems that simply cannot be beat in terms of quality, value and performance. Our #1 priority is helping you succeed with your reef tank and we are proud to share the top 5 reasons our BRS RO/DI systems are the BEST available.

Reason to buy BRS RO/DI Systems

In order to help you pick the right one for you and your tank, we looked at the numbers, compared the features and sifted through the customer reviews to present the most popular, best priced, easiest to use and best in show for RO/DI systems in 2019.


Most popular and most economical


If you are looking for the most economical way to produce pure RO/DI water at home, this is the system for you. It just so happens to also be favored by our customers both in terms of selling the most units on our website and earning a 5 Star review status! Even better yet, the system can easily be upgraded, we have simple add-ons such as TDS meters and gauges or complete upgrade kits to increase production rate, add extra filter stages or even set-up a drinking water system.




Easiest to use


Not interested in doing a ton of research and gathering water quality reports? We got you covered with our 5 Stage Premium Plus that has all of the necessary filter stages to efficiently handle most ANY tap water situation right out of the box.

The included pressure gauge simply tells you the system is running optimally and the TDS meter allows you to monitor filter performance. There are four different options based on production rate with a maximum of 200 gallons per day so the only choice you need to make is how fast you want your DI water.




Best in show - THE POWERHOUSE

If you want the absolute best for your reef, you need our top of the line powerhouse 7 stage Pro Plus system. It includes everything you see on the smaller Premium units but takes it a step further with 3 stage deionization. By using 3 unique DI resins in 3 separate stages you can filter more water for less money compared to a single stage mixed DI resin cartridges. Regardless of your tap water condition, the 7 stage Pro Plus system will be able to filter your tap water down to 0 TDS efficiently and gives you the necessary tools to keep the system performing at its best.

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