The Value To Deluxe Upgrade Kit includes all of the necessary components to upgrade your BRS 4 Stage Value RO/DI System to a 6 Stage Deluxe RO/DI System. That means you will have two additional RO/DI canisters that will help your Bulk Reef Supply RO/DI System target and remove chloramines as well as give you an additional DI resin canister to protect your reef tank against harmful contaminants. Before you begin, be sure to verify you received all of the kit components listed below.  You will also want to have a Philips screwdriver handy for mounting the RO/DI system bracket along with a sharp knife, razor blade, or RO tubing cutter to make clean tubing cuts. 

Value to Deluxe Upgrade Kit Components

Value To Deluxe Upgrade Kit Components:

  • 2x Single Add-On Canister
  • 1x Sediment Filter
  • 2x Carbon Filters
  • 2x DI Resin Refill Kits
  • 1x Refillable Cartridge for Deionization Resin

Step #1 - Turn off main water supply

 Step #1 - Turn Off Source Water

The simplest and perhaps the most important step to avoid a tragic mess.  Turn off the water supply to your RO/DI system. 

Step #2 - Mount new canisters on the left and right side

Step #2 - Mount The Additional Canisters

Mount the two additional canisters included with your upgrade kit.  One canister will go before your existing 4-stage RO/DI system on the left and one canister will go after on the right.  Leave roughly 4-6" in between the canisters and your existing RO/DI system which will allow room to make the tubing connections. 

Step #3 - Connect main water feed

Step #3 - Connect Water Feed

You first need to disconnect the main water feed (red) from your existing 4-Stage RO/DI system and connect it to the 1st new canister. This will be the left fitting on the new canister and is now your new sediment filter stage. 

Step #4 - Connect new canister #1 to RO/DI system

Step #4 - Connect New Canister #1 To RO/DI System

Take a short length of tubing (roughly 12") and connect the new sediment filter canister to your existing RO/DI system as shown above.  Be sure the tubing is not kinked and is long enough to make a gradual bend. 

Step #5 - Connect new canister #2 to RO/DI system

Step #5 - Connect New Canister #2 To RO/DI System

On the right side, you will now connect the 2nd new canister which will be your 2nd DI filter.  Take the blue tubing coming out of your existing 4-stage RO/DI system, cut it and connect to the new canister immediately after your existing DI resin stage.  Be sure to leave about 12" of tubing, enough to make a gradual bend into the new DI filter canister.  

Step #6 - Connect output tubing

Step #6 - Connect Output Tubing

Take the other side of the above cut BLUE tubing and connect it to the other side of the new DI filter canister on the far right.  This is your product water or output water connection.  

Step #7 - Replace RO/DI Filter Cartridges

Step #7 - Filter Replacement

Remove all of the old RO/DI filter cartridges and replace them with a brand new set of filter cartridges to accommodate the new 6 Stage Deluxe System in the following order. Leave your RO membrane in place unless you're changing that out as well. The filters will be in this exact order from left to right.  It is not a bad idea to label the canisters so you don't find yourself second-guessing. 

  1. Sediment
  2. Carbon #1
  3. Carbon #2
  4. DI Resin #1
  5. DI Resin #2