Having a long, rigid set of tongs can really be handy in and around your reef tank. Whether you're simply moving around rocks and corals or trying to retrieve a pump or algae magnet that has fallen to the briny depths, Tunze Aquarium Tongs are our #1 choice!

1. Getting In Hard To Reach Areas 

Tunze Aquarium Tongs will extend your reach by 32" so you can get into all those hard-to-reach areas and far corners of your tank without getting your sleeves wet or taking a swim!

2. Placing Moving Corals

Using the Tunze Tongs to move and place moving corals that can potentially sting or poke you will protect yourself and reduce stress upon the coral. 

3. Rubber Grippers

The rubber tips allow you to get a secure grip on rocks, corals, and frags so you won't have to worry about dropping them. 

4. Heavy Lifting

As with most all Tunze products, the tongs are well-engineered to handle relatively heavy lifting up to a maximum of 4.4 lbs.  Medium-sized rocks, decorations, or even larger coral colonies should not be a problem for the rigid Lexan stem and rubber tip grippers. 

5. Stay Dry

We said it before but that extra reach means your sleeves, hands, and arms will stay dry during setup and tank maintenance. They are hollow and will fill with water so just be sure to let the water drain out before removing the tongs from your tank and you can stay completely dry during tank maintenance.

6. Avoid Sharp or Harmful Objects

Bristleworms, Vermatid snails, and a variety of other critters in your reef tank can poke, cut or sting you....but not if you're using Tunze Aquarium Tongs to reach inside your tank! 

7. Save Gary The Snail

You know that one pesky snail or sea urchin that just won't stay upright or always makes its way into your pumps and/or filtration?  The Tunze tongs can help you rescue these pesky inverts with ease.  

8. When In Doubt, Get It Out

If your not exactly sure what is growing on your rock, most often the best course of action is to remove it and using the Tongs is your safest option.

9. Take Back What's Yours

Reclaim those zoanthids, mushrooms, and small frags from the crown of your Urchin or Decorator Crab.  Find corals lost in the sand bed or kicked around by aggressive fish.  It's like having a robot hand! 

10. Placing Powerheads

Don't limit your targets to rocks and frags! Tunze's tongs can easily place and remove powerheads for cleaning, especially in larger tanks.  As with any maintenance task, if it's easy by design, you're much more likely NOT to neglect it.