Marinemix has been around for over 50 years. Popular in Europe, they not only manufacture their own salt mixes but are also the actual manufacturer for many popular brands of salt. The hw-Marinemix is a unique aquarium salt because it uses no evaporated or mined salts. It also does not use salt created as a byproduct of desalination plants. This allows them to avoid unwanted chemical and environmental impurities. This is great as many other salts need to use things like E.D.T.A. and other chelators to clarify their salt and bind up excess metals. E.D.T.A. has actually been banned for use in some countries and it is not something most of us desire in our water. Marinemix salt is cited multiple times in many university and environmental research labs. The EPA has even referenced Marinemix as a suitable replacement for natural seawater in its bioassay research labs. The hw-Marinemix comes in two varieties. First is the Marinemix Professional, which is targeted towards natural sea water and used most often for research, aquaculture and fish only systems. The second variety is the Marinemix Reefer, which includes elevated levels of calcium and alkalinity for reef tanks. Both versions include a variety of amino acids to promote growth, nutrient export, and other biological processes. Connect with us on Facebook: Check out our pics on Instagram: