Configuring the heater and chiller outlets is a pretty straightforward process, and one of the easiest in the outlet configuration tool of Fusion. Let's start by configuring your heater; select 'Heater' from the control type drop down. Option: Fallback This option is asking if the energy bar were to get disconnected from the Apex base unit, would you want the outlet to default on or off. As you can probably imagine, it's highly advisable to set this option to 'off' Option: Probe Name Select the 'Temp' probe. (Unless you have more than one temp probe, you will only have one option which will say 'temp'.) TIP: While the temp probe has what appears to be a plastic cap similar to the other probes, but this one is not designed to be removed. Option: On Temperature Select the temperature you'd like your heater to turn on at (below your ideal tank temperature) Option: Off Temperature Select the temperature you'd like your heater to turn off at (your ideal tank temperature) TIP: To reduce the heater turning on/off too much (which can wear out your heater), and keep temperature swings to a minimum, set the 'on' temperature one degree below your 'off' (ideal) temperature. Finish by hitting send to Apex. You can follow the same steps to program your chiller outlet, however you may want to check with the manufacturer of your chiller on the proper temperature cycling. TIP: You don't want the compressor in the chiller turning on/off for every tenths of a degree change that happens in your tank. It's most likely you'll set it as a one to two degree variance, depending on the brand of chiller and what is in your tank. One final note; you can use the chiller control type for fans, also. You can also use a second temperature probe to measure the ambient temperature of your hood, or room. The probe does not need to be submersed in water for it to work. If you have questions or advice for your fellow reefers checkout the comments area down below. Don't miss our next episode, hit that subscribe button! :) Check out the entire Apex line: Watch the whole playlist: Connect with us on Facebook: Check out our pics on Instagram: