We are going to go over the 'Control Light' option found in the 'control type' drop down when programming an outlet on the Apex Fusion cloud interface. By selecting the 'light' option, you'll get a bunch of pre-loaded fields most people would commonly use for controlling any type of light. We're going to focus on your primary lights for your aquarium. Option 1: FallBack This option is asking if the energy bar were to get disconnected from the Apex base unit, would you want the outlet to default on or off? We are going to choose 'off', that way if there were a few days where this happened our corals wouldn't get cooked. Option 2: On Time Select the time you would like your light to come on. TIP: Most people maintain a lighting period between 8 and 12 hours. Generally those who are closer to 12 hours have lights that ramp up and down gradually at the beginning and end of each lighting period, or use a variety of lights that vary in intensity (such as halides and T5s). Option 3: Off Time Select the time you would like your light to turn off. Keep in mind, time is measured on a 24 hour clock. TIP: The daylight cycle doesn't need to match actual daytime in your home. Find a schedule that matches your lifestyle so the lights are on when you're actually home. Option 4: Shutdown Probe This feature will turn off your lights based on the temperature of your tank. Unless you have more than one temp probe, you will only have one option which will say 'temp'. Option 5: Shutdown Value The shutdown value is the temperature at which point your lights will shut off. TIP: Most people will set their shutdown value/temp to a few degrees above where they want their tank to be. Option 6: Hysteresis This option relates back to the shutdown probe and value, and tells the controller how long the light should remain off after a shutdown is triggered due to temperate. This is set to 30 by default. Hit 'Send to Apex' when you're finished, and your light outlet will be programmed moments later. One final note on what's happening here: the control interface is writing lines of code for you based on what you input. If you go back to the outlet, you can see the lines of code by hitting the advanced tab. If at some point you want to do something more advanced, like use the I/O switch box to turn on/off based on a hard button, you could add some additional command lines here. If you have questions or advice for your fellow reefers checkout the comments area down below. Don't miss our next episode, hit that subscribe button! :) Check out the entire Apex line: http://brs.li/neptuneapex Watch the whole playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBaMLrfToJyz8091y-PoECoUo5QfMGg1S Connect with us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BulkReefSupply Check out our pics on Instagram: http://instagram.com/bulkreefsupply