An automatic water changing system is one of the holy grails of the aquarium industry. We have come up with numerous ideas in the past but they always end up being large, bulky, and expensive. Rather than take another hack at it ourselves, this time we decided to challenge the King of DIY to see if he can do it. If you aren't already familiar with Joey, his channel is filled with tons of DIY aquarium projects. He has videos on building plywood aquariums, glass aquariums, acrylic work, and filters. He even has a video on turning an old smoke detector into a water alarm. You can check out his channel here: So here is the challenge Joey. We think if anyone can come up with a DIY automatic water changer it is you. Pick anything from our website for this project and we will send it to you on us. Viewers, if you want him to accept the challenge, let him know in the comments below or tell him directly on his Facebook page. You can find it at Connect with us on Facebook: Check out our pics on Instagram: