Hard is why it’s cool! Setup a saltwater aquarium you can be proud of.

You found the beginning of something cool, the 5 Minute Guide to Saltwater Aquariums is our mission to provide new saltwater aquarium owners with the information they need to set up and maintain reef tanks that they can be proud of.

Mature reef tank

Saltwater reefs are captivating and once you discover it is possible to create a little slice of the reef inside your own home, the quest for knowledge can be almost obsessive. Our goal with this series is to give it to you straight, eliminate the flashy sales talk and confusing lingo and present the information you need to succeed in easy to digest, short 5-minute videos.

This is our first episode and Ryan tackles the one question that just about anyone looking to build a saltwater aquarium has asked, “How hard is this really going to be?”.

The reality is you could ask this question a 100 times and get a 100 different answers ranging from easy to nearly impossible. We like to be open and honest here at BRS and the facts are, you are about to embark on an extremely rewarding journey keeping one of the most difficult pets possible.

WWC Tangerine Chalice LPS coral

Saltwater tanks, reef tanks with corals in particular, are not goldfish bowls or hamsters. You are recreating a reef, a symbiotic ecosphere of life most people will never have a chance to see and you are going to carefully curate this environment in your own home.

For most hobbyists, it is that difficulty that actually makes it one of the coolest, most interesting and rewarding hobbies. This just isn’t the kind of thing the average person does and it isn’t just a pet. It is a hobby, unlike any other, that is for the type of person who has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, is passionate about applying that knowledge and achieving results.

WWC display tank

Combine that with a creative flare, a bit of curiosity for all things technical, and a truly unique group of pets that can live decades and absolutely be a part of the family in the same way any other furry, feathered or four legged 20 year pet is.

I'm hooked, what’s next?

If you made it this far, you and the entire team at BRS have something in common, this is a hobby for you. Let’s talk about what “difficult” really looks like.

Sump filtration with protein skimmer

Maintaining a saltwater reef tank is actually simple and requires minimal effort. 80% of it is to feed the fish, change some water every couple weeks and clean the glass as needed. The other 20% is the more complex side involving the water filtration and chemistry aspects that you master in time.

The challenge of reefing is not really any different than other hobbies, the mastery is achieved in time through the process of acquiring knowledge and successfully applying it. Look at championship BBQ, home brewing or bass fishing for example; the accomplishments come in intervals of acquiring the knowledge and then applying it. Learn, attempt and fail - learn, attempt and succeed - learn, attempt and master with the confidence to lead others.

lead the way

Find a guide

There is no way around it, it takes years to master anything. 10,000 hours of practice they say. With that in mind, some paths are harder than others and the easiest path is finding someone who has done it before and willing to share a working technique - a mentor.

For instance, you don't have to be a Bassmaster Champion to catch fish if a professional fishing guide brings you to the right spots and shows you the right technique. You will probably catch 30 fish inside of a few hours and really learn the difference between fishing and catching, one is way more fun than the other.

Point being you experienced a fun starting point for a hobby where you can go find your own spots, learn new techniques and ultimately master the art in time.

Saltwater aquariums and reefing is no different. Application of knowledge and the actual act of maintaining a tank is fairly easy and requires less time and effort than most common pets as long as you have a trustworthy guide.

Two small reef tanks at the BRS studio

This is the goal of the 5 Minute Saltwater Aquarium Guide, to be your mentor

Together we will help you solve that initial challenge of finding the knowledge you need to succeed. You won’t be a master day one but you will have a foundation to build a tank you can be proud of and the directions through a journey that is truly amazing.

What's Next

Want to learn more and continue your reef aquarium journey? You can binge the entire 5 Minute Saltwater Aquarium Guide playlist right here on our website, just follow the linked banner below.

5 Minute Saltwater Aquarium Guide

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