Top Simple Beginner Tips For Starting A Saltwater Reef Aquarium Setup

If your thinking about taking the plunge and diving into your first saltwater aquarium, you have come to the right place. Here at BRS we have everything you need to build a thriving reef tank and will provide you with real-world advice from experienced aquarium owners because that is who we are. A group of passionate hobbyists that wish only for you to succeed and love this hobby as much as we do!

Here is our Top 10 Tips for a successful start to your saltwater fish tank.

  1. Anyone can do this. It does not have to be difficult and you most certainly can acquire the necessary knowledge to do this successfully.
  2. Find one person to emulate, not all of them. Choose an experienced and proven mentor that produces the results you want for yourself.
  3. Choose the right location where you will interact with the tank daily. A tank that is well-observed is often much better cared for.
  4. Choose the right tank that can be placed safely in the ideal location and is a reasonable size for your budget.
  5. Get an All-In-One tank. Modern AIO tanks have filtration built right into the tank and are much easier to start than custom-built systems.
  6. Visit your local fish stores. Find the BEST store in your area that will be YOUR store. Build a relationship with employees, find a mentor and become inspired!
  7. Live rock and sand are most definately worth it because you will be able to accomplish a stable ecosystem much easier and quicker.
  8. Tangs are your best friend because they are herbivores and will eat algae. Algae control is part of keeping a healthy aquarium and Tangs will do the work for you.
  9. Make water changes easy. Acquire the equipment and knowledge necessary to streamline your water change processes so you won't neglect them!
  10. You don't need all the fancy gear right away because success can be had so long as you stick to the fundamentals.

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