The AquaMaxx Sigma series reactors are an excellent, compact, and unique addition to your reefing dreams. This reactor has some distinct features that make the traditional reactors seem obsolete. For example, you don't have to unscrew thumbscrews which allow for easier maintenance. In addition, their tension-fit lid system allows for easy removal for refilling and dumping out any old media. Finally, the added convenience of twisting off the reactor body from the reactor's base makes maintenance a breeze.

Aquamaxx Sigma Media Reactors

Sigma Reactor Comparison Chart

Model Sigma-1  Sigma-2
Footprint 3.94" x 4.33" 5.12" x 5.51"
Height 13.39" 14.57"
Rating                                                  Using Activated Carbon
                                                            Using GFO
1 Cup Max
3/4 Cup Max
2 Cups Max
1.5 Cups Max
Pump Sicce Syncra Nano Sicce Syncra 0.5
Power Consumption 2.8 W 8 W