How big is the Neat Aquatics Feeding Portal opening?

The internal opening measures 2.9" in diameter.  

Will the screws on the Neat Aquatics Feeding Portal rust?

No, the nuts and bolts are all made from reef-safe plastic.

Can I use more than one Neat Aquatics Feeding Portal on the same screen top?

Yes!  You can use multiple feeding portals on the same screen top in order to create multiple feeding zones.

What is the best location for the Neat Aquatics Feeding Portal?

It will work anywhere you want but keep in mind accessibility. Most hobbyists prefer to have it upfront in the corner of the tank.

How do you install the Neat Aquatics Feeding Portal?

  1. Align the top and bottom outside ring onto your screen cover.
  2. Secure the rings together using the nuts/bolts included with the Feeding Portal. Hand-tight only.
  3. Incrementally tighten the screws in a star or criss-cross pattern using a screwdriver to ensure even pressure across the portal.
  4. Once properly tightened, cut out a circle from your screen top inside the portal to create the opening. 
  5. Don't forget to turn off your pumps and powerheads when feeding your fish!