Today Matthew sits down with Chad from ReefNutrition to learn all the basics of getting a refugium started, starts assembling everything he needs to build one, and drills his tank to prep it for plumbing!

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Interview with ReefNutrition- How to set up a refugium 0:00:13

Reef Nutrition -

Macro Algae at AlgaeBarn:

Icecap Pod Habitat:

Find Refugium Substrates:

Mail Time: 0:06:55

MarinePure Filtration Media:

MacroAlgae at AlgaeBarn:

Icecap Pod Habitat:

Microbatr QuikCycl:

Shop All Plumbing:

Reefurbish 0:12:50

MarineDepot Overflow Boxes:

Shop All Overflow Boxes:

AquaMaxx HOB-R Hang-On-Back Refugium:

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