This week on That Reef Show Matthew gets his tanks prepared for corals, talks through his history with video, gets a special package, showcases the Marine Depot Kleanwater RODI system, and announces last episode's giveaway winner!

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Reefurbish 0:00:45

Aquamaxx ConeS Q2 Protein Skimmer:

Flipper DeepSee:

Tank Time-The Encore Dilemma: 0:08:32

Innovative Marine Encore:

Mail Time-The Shirt Is Here! 0:15:01

Product Spotlight-MarineDepot Kleanwater RODI Filter 0:15:42

Learn More about Kleanwater RODI Systems:

Shop All RODI:

Giveaway Winner Announced 0:23:04

Chill Solutions CSXC-1 Aquarium Chiller:

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