Keith has one main preventative measure to keep his reef tank healthy: A generator. He feels so strongly about it, that he actually has two backup generators.

If a gas generator isn't in the cards, then a battery-powered backup is a good option to keep your pumps and filters going in the event of a blackout.

Redundancy is a recurring theme in Keith's setup. Be sure to check out all of his suggestions to preventing a Reef Tank Disaster:

00:18 - Propane Generator

01:02 - Portable backup propane generator

02:18 - Battery Powered backup generator

02:58 - Redundancy of equipment

03:26 - Controller for monitoring

04:13 - Webcam for monitoring

05:06 - Live webcam on YouTube for 187G tank

05:22 - Preventative maintenance on pumps every 3 months

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