The new Octo Pulse by Reef Octopus are fully controllable flow pumps that moves massive amounts of water while consuming very little power in the process. With it's 360° magnetic mount, the Octo Pulse can easily get the flow precisely where you need it.

VIDEO - Octo Pulse Pump: Advanced Controlling

VIDEO - OctoPulse 101: Assembly, Installation & Operation



Hello guys, Kelly from Marine Depot here and thanks for watching! Reef Octopus has long been one of our favorite brands for high quality protein skimmers because they offer a huge variety of models to meet the needs of just about any marine aquarium and budget.

In recent years, Reef Octopus branched out and gave us the VarioS DC return pump which receives rave reviews because of the efficient and ultra-quiet operation. Fast forward to 2018 and we are proud to present to you with the latest technology from Reef Octopus, the highly anticipated Octo Pulse powerheads!

The Octo Pulse powerheads are being received with open arms because they include all the important features one might look for when choosing a powerhead at a great price!

Form factor is crucial because in most cases, these powerheads are sitting directly inside your display aquarium for everyone to see and Reef Octopus nailed it with the Octopulse. A very compact and stylish pump body is magnetically coupled to your tank wall without causing an eyesore.

Perhaps my favorite feature of the pump is this magnet mount because it is quite unique and a little different from what you might be used to. The entire pump itself sets in side a concave magnetic seat that allows you to get directional control over the entire pump. This is a huge benefit over some of the competing powerheads because rather than moving water in a single forward direction, you can angle the pump to get water flow in the exact area of the tank you need it.

Efficient operation means the pump can move large volumes of water using minimal power and the Octopulse pump is a prime example. So far, they have released two different pump sizes. The smaller model 2 is moving up to 1600 Gallons per hour and uses a maximum of only 10 watts. The larger model 4 can produce impressive flow rates up to a maximum of 4500 Gallons per hour and uses a maximum of only 32 watts.

Both pumps include an advanced controller which gives you all of the latest pump control technology including four preprogrammed flow modes, two different feed holds and a 0-10V control port for connection with third party aquarium controllers such as a Neptune Systems APEX. The product includes an impressive 2 year limited warranty so you can purchase with confidence.

Coralvue who distributes Reef Octopus here in the US has an excellent video that goes into great detail about connecting and controlling the Octo Pulse pump with a Neptune Systems APEX and we included a link in the video description below. Carlos, Jeremy and the Coralvue team have also created a very handy set-up and operation video and you will find that link down below as well.

We have this pump running on a new Innovative Marine EXT 50 aquarium here at the office and could not be happier. This MODEL 2 is running at only 40% of its total power and is moving more than enough water for a mixed reef. The directional flow made it easy to dial in the flow in and around the rock work and better yet, we will not need a second powerhead to sufficiently move water in the display. Between the return pump and this small but powerful pump, we are moving plenty of water and the corals are looking great. We set the pump to run in Random mode which essentially will randomly choose between any of the other three presets; constant, stream or tide.

If you are in the market for a new powerhead and want to take advantage of all the latest water flow technology, be sure to check out the Reef Octopus OCTO PULSE pumps at Marine

I really appreciate all of you for watching and until next time, take care and happy reefkeeping!