Today we are going to show you some of the most popular LED lights we offer and explain why more and more hobbyists are using LED lighting over traditional T5 fluorescent and metal halide fixtures.

LED aquarium lights are extremely energy efficient, using half the power of comparable T5 or metal halide lighting, which translates into lower electricity costs.

In addition, T5 and metal halide lights radiate heat downward into the water and can raise your aquarium water temperature. Most LED systems are designed so that heat radiates upward to dissipate into the surrounding area so your aquarium water temperature is not affected.

LED aquarium lights often have adjustable spectrums, which means you are able to change the color of the light to more white or more blue, depending on your preference. With T5 or metal halide lights, you are stuck with the color of the bulbs you purchased.

Many LED lights are dimmable so you can make the light as bright or dim as you like. You can even tune some down to 1% to use them as a moonlight. You do not need to change bulbs every 8-12 months like you would with fluorescent or metal halide lights. Most LED diodes will last from 3-5 years or even longer depending on usage.

LED lights also cast a beautiful shimmer into your aquarium, similar to metal halide lighting, which makes your tank look more natural.

We carry dozens of LED lighting systems and have something to fit just about any budget. In this video, we highlight some of our most popular options.

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