The Innovative Marine MiniMax Sump Reactor is a submersible media reactor specifically designed to eliminate the clutter that comes with a typical media reactor.

By housing the pump on the bottom of the reactor inside an acrylic sleeve, there is no longer a need for tubing or plumbing of any kind. The unique removable media chamber simply slides out the top which makes maintaining the reactor quick, easy and mess free.

The MiniMax Sump Reactor includes a 92 gallon per hour (GPH) pump that only consumes 8 watts. The rate of flow through the reactor is fully controllable via the clever design: simply twist the flow control dial on top to adjust the flow to accommodate carbon, GFO, or biopellets. It even has a flow rate indicator on the side which will helps you precisely dial in the flow rate.

With a diameter of only 4.3” and just under 10” tall this reactor is incredibly versatile and will help you obtain better water quality to improve the life of your aquatic pets.



Innovative Marine AUQA Gadget MiniMax Sump All-In-One Media Reactor

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