Innovative Marine has raised the bar for all in one aquariums everywhere. What many of you may not know is that Innovative Marine offers a full line of accessories as well that they have dubbed the Auqa Gadgets. The Auqa Gadgets were engineered from the ground up to work with the Nuvo series aquariums, but they are also compatible and effective when used on many of the other all in one aquariums available on the market today.

In this video we teamed up with the excellent guys over at Innovative Marine and completely decked out one of the 24 gallon Nuvo Aquariums with some of the most popular Auqa Gadgets available. You will learn that these Auqa Gadgets are not only very effective and versatile but also easy to use on your home aquarium.

The MiniMax media reactor is available in three sizes that will accommodate aquariums up to 250 gallons. It is easy to assemble and includes both the pump and hang-on bracket. It is suitable for use with a wide range of filter media including bio-pellets.

Installing a media reactor on your home aquarium is very beneficial. You can reduce nuisance algae by lowering phosphates, obtain crystal clear water, and even lower nitrates with the use of Bio-Pellets.

One unique feature of this reactor is the no frills maintenance. The inside filter media chamber can be removed while the reactor is running. Simply remove the chamber, replace your media, rinse the media inside the chamber, and then install back into your aquarium. This saves you the hassle of turning off the pump and removing any tubing making for quick, hassle free maintenance.

The CustomCaddy Media Basket is a great upgrade to your existing media basket for a few reasons. It will allow you to add the filter media of your choice as the internal shelves are adjustable allowing for different size media. It is much larger and constructed of durable, 100% acrylic. It also has large holes drilled into the divider plates allowing for maximum flow through the media basket.

The MagnaFuge LED Refugium light allows you to make some really slick modifications to your all in one aquarium. When used in conjunction with the CustomCaddy media basket you can easily create a refugium or natural filter in the back of your tank.

First, add the macro-algae of your choice and place the magnet inside the bottom chamber of the media basket.

Then, proceed to cut away the back covering from your aquarium as shown here. Be sure the peel the black covering slowly to ensure a clean removal.

Then, attach the Magnafuge LED Light and your on the road to lower nitrates!

The SkimMate Protein skimmer has all the features of a larger in-sump skimmer jammed into a nano size package. It comes with a needlewheel venturi pump, includes a hang-on bracket, is constructed of solid cell cast acrylic, includes and air silencer and has a compact form factor. It is available in two models and will accommodate aquariums up to 65 gallons.

In order to fine tune the foam level, you can adjust the valve on the air silencer. For larger adjustments, you can move the skimmer up and down via the hang-on bracket.

You will see that we installed a second MiniMax Media reactor in close vicinity to the protein skimmer. This is a really cool upgrade because a protein skimmer is crucial to your success with Bio-Pellets and will help quickly eliminate the bio-film created from the Bio-Pellet process.

Thanks for tuning in. If you have any questions about your Innovative Marine Nuvo Aquarium or any of the Auqa Gadgets we discussed in this video, please feel free to give us a call at 800-566-3474 or send an email to Until next time, take care and happy reefkeeping.

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