This segment is the third in a series of how-to videos that will explain how to set up a reef aquarium. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for future installments.

In this clip, we'll improve the water flow inside our Innovative Marine Mini Nuvo Aquarium by installing 2 Spin Stream return nozzles and 2 Hydora Koralia Nano Powerheads, the latter of which we'll connect to a Hydor Koralia Smart Wave Pump Controller. Our goal is to have more lifelike living conditions in our tank for fish and coral by creating turbulent currents that mimic ocean tides.

Since the tank has already been cycling for a few weeks, we've also decided it's time to test our water parameters to determine if we're ready to visit the local fish store for livestock.

For more information about the aquarium, rock, powerheads and test kit featured in this video, please visit our website: