EcoTech Marine Radion XR15w Pro:

As soon as the new EcoTech Marine Radion XR15w Pro LED light fixture arrived at Marine Depot headquarters, Joe from our staff quickly snagged himself a unit to take home for a hands-on test.

Joe is no stranger to EcoTech Marine aquarium products: he owns 3 Radions, a VorTech MP10wES and even uses their coral glue. So who better to review the little brother of the Radion XR30w?

The Radion XR15w Pro is about half the size of the XR30w. It has the same features and spectrum but with a single LED cluster, half the wattage, a 2' x 2' coverage area and a lower price point. The XR15w Pro is also fully programmable with seamless EcoSmart Live integration.

Joe demonstrates how the new XR15w Pro looks when paired with a Radion XR30w over his 150-gallon mixed reef tank, how the XR15w Pro looks by itself over the same tank as well as showing how the XR15w Pro looks over a 60-gallon cube.

Bottom line: Joe is impressed! He thinks EcoTech Marine did an excellent job designing and developing the Radion XR15w Pro. After trying the light out on both of his reef aquariums, he feels it provides excellent coverage with plenty of power and intensity to illuminate just about any reef tank.

If you have questions about the EcoTech Marine Radion XR15w Pro, leave us a comment below or contact MD customer care at 1-800-566-FISH or by email at

Until next time... take care and happy reefkeeping.

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