Type of Chemi Pure:





Safe for what kind of tank? 

Freshwater or Saltwater aquariums

Freshwater or Saltwater aquariums

Higher pH aquariums which include: Saltwater reef tanks, Cichlids, Goldfish and Koi

Freshwater planted aquariums

What’s in it? 

Extruded Pelletizezd Carbon, Organic Scavenger Resin

Extruded Pelletized Carbon, Organic Scavenger Resin, Granular Ferric Oxide

Extruded Pelletized Carbon, Phosphate Absorption Resin, Organic Scavenger Resin

Low dust pelletized activated carbon, organic scavenger resign to remove negative ions in the water column. 

Great For?

Water clarity for aquariums with a light bio-load. Aquariums where phosphates and organics are not elevated beyond an acceptable level. Helps with odor. Helps with a yellow tint. 

Controlling phosphates over a long period of time. Ideal for aquariums with a medium bio-load or experiencing a mild bout with nuisance algae. 

Aquariums that are heavily stocked or have a considerable bioload. Treats more water per ounce of media. Available in the nano packets too. 

Reducing yellow tint, orders, toxins, organic compounds, and medications for planted aquariums.

Chemi-Pure Original

Chemi-Pure is a versatile chemical filtration media designed to target a wide variety of contaminants, much more than you would get with carbon and/or GFO alone. It does not require any kind of media reactor to be effective either so it's super easy to use. You can toss it in a media bag or buy pre-loaded nano packs and simply place it in your sump or filtration. There are four different formulas and choosing the right one for your tank boils down to just a couple of features and preferences. 

Chemi-Pure, in its original formula, has been produced for over 55 years. It’s one of the first AIO (all-in-one) type filtration media to contain ion-exchange resins and carbon together. It features "QuickWash" extruded pelletized activated carbon with a low dust content meaning it won't release carbon fines into your aquarium. It’s safe for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums and will provide optimal water quality and clarity in your aquarium. Original Chemi-pure is best for low bio-load situations or aquariums that typically run with minimal nitrate and phosphate levels and don't require heavy filtration to maintain optimal parameters. 

Chemi-Pure Elite

Just like the Original, Chemi-Pure Elite contains both pelletized carbon and ion-exchange resins along with the addition of GFO (Granulated Ferric Oxide) to help remove additional phosphates. Elite is best used in aquariums with a medium bio-load or where phosphate levels tend to run high. 

Chemi-Pure Blue

Chemi-Pure Blue (our favorite) is the most advanced formula is specifically designed for reducing organic compounds, odors, phenols, toxins, medications, dissolved metals, phosphates, and silicates. Chemi-Pure Blue’s formula is slightly different from its counterparts in that it contains two different ion-exchange resins along with the high-quality extruded carbon. The resins work together to remove a wider variety of contaminants, including organic waste and phosphates, and it is best used in aquariums with a heavy bio-load.

If you have a nano tank, please take caution as Chemi-Pure Blue can lower phosphates very quickly which can stress out corals and other tank inhabitants. For tanks under 40 gallons, the Nano Packets are highly recommended as they are packaged individually for 5 gallons of tank water allowing you to easily stack the necessary amount of media without overdoing it. 

Chemi-Pure Green

Chemi-Pure Green is designed specifically for freshwater planted aquariums. The formula is similar to the Chemi-Pure Blue but it does not contain any phosphate removers. Instead, it has an organic scavenger resin with an ion-exchange resin to remove negative ions in the water column.

How long does Chemi-Pure last?

Chemi-Pure media can last a very long time in aquariums that are well-maintained. Every tank is different though and this all depends on the particular bio-load, filtration, and husbandry of your aquarium. Always place the media in an area of the filtration where water can flow through the media. Remember to test your water parameters weekly to ensure there’s no rise in phosphates or elevated nitrates. Once these levels begin to rise, it's a good indication that it's time to swap your Chemi-Pure. 

Chemi-Pure Filter Media