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GOLDEN VALLEY, MN., Aquatic Sales Solutions, LLC (dba Bulk Reef Supply) or “BRS”, the eCommerce leader in saltwater aquarium supplies has acquired California-based Marine Depot.

The Marine Depot website will continue to operate fully, including taking customer orders, until July 30, 2021. At which time, the site will be folded into BRS with all website traffic being redirected to BRS (bulkreefsupply.com).

BRS is committed to ensuring Marine Depot customers are well supported during this transition. BRS will do so through the following initiatives:

  • Honoring all Marine Depot gift cards at Bulk Reef Supply
  • Transferring of loyalty reward points to a BRS account
  • Honoring the Marine Depot return policy for orders placed prior to June 23, 2021 (all sales on or after June 23, 2021, at Marinedepot.com are final)
  • Assisting with warranty support for qualifying orders.
  • Maintaining the Marine Depot long-standing blog & YouTube channel, popular among aquarists worldwide.
  • Keeping a strict focus on providing quality saltwater aquarium equipment.
  • Continuing to stock & support popular brands like AquaMaxx.

About Bulk Reef Supply

Founded in 2007, BRS set out with a goal to further the reefing community's growth and success by providing hobbyist education and carefully selected products. From their humble beginnings, BRS has grown its business to become a leader in customer service and satisfaction.

BRS is proud to carry forward the Marine Depot commitment to the reefing enthusiast community. BRS features many of the same brands carried by Marine Depot, plus hundreds of additional options.

Marine Depot FAQ

What happened to Marine Depot?

Marine Depot has elected to be acquired by BRS. As of July 30th, 2021, Marine Depot will no longer conduct business.

How did BRS get involved?

Marine Depot and BRS have discussed combining operations for a long time to take advantage of their respective strengths to improve the customer experience. BRS purchased Marine Depot and is consolidating operations to its headquarters in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

I placed an order with Marine Depot that I have not received. What happened to it?

Orders placed with Marine Depot through July 30th will be shipped by their shipping partners. Many orders may still be in transit during this time. Open orders containing pre-ordered or backordered items will be cancelled and refunded. If you have any questions or concerns the Bulk Reef Supply customer service team will be happy to assist.

I need to return an order I purchased from Marine Depot?

Marine Depot will continue accepting returns on orders placed before June 18, 2021. Returns will be processed directly through Marine Depot’s RMA process until July 30, 2021. For any returns after July 30, 2021, contact BRS Customer Service to obtain an RMA number.  

All orders placed on or after June 23, 2021, are final and not eligible for return.

I need assistance with an order I placed at Marine Depot previously?

Bulk Reef Supply will be 100% committed to ensuring orders placed through Marine Depot get support for warranty, shipping issues, and returns. After July 30, 2021, order history will no longer be available from marinedepot.com. We suggest saving a record of your order history with Marine Depot prior to July 30, 2021. If you need assistance obtaining receipts, warranty support, or general order support for your Marine Depot order, please contact BRS Customer Service (support@bulkreefsupply.com).

I had a gift card with Marine Depot. Can I still use it?

Yes, Bulk Reef Supply will be accepting Marine Depot gift cards.

I had reward points with Marine Depot. Can I still use them?

Yes, Marine Depot points will be transferred to Bulk Reef Supply Reward Points on August 11, 2021. For points to transfer you must have an active BRS Preferred Reefer account (https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/preferred-reefers) and must match the email used with the account at Marine Depot. We will not be able to transfer points with mismatched email addresses. Points will be eligible for use with BRS until July 30, 2022.

Will current Marine Depot promotions transfer to Bulk Reef Supply?

BRS has a number of specials & promotions running at any given time. Current Marine Depot discounts and promotional codes will not apply on bulkreefsupply.com.

I am a Marine Depot affiliate and/or influencer. What can I do?

BRS is currently working on a new and improved affiliate & influencer program. Stay tuned for further announcements.

Reef club & event donations

BRS is committed to supporting the saltwater aquarium hobby and related events. We work with a number of organizations and clubs to donate and sponsor events. For more information, please contact donations@bulkreefsupply.com.

Please direct additional questions to:

Bulk Reef Supply Customer Service Information

Email - support@bulkreefsupply.com

Phone - (763) 432-9691

8am - 6pm CT M-Th

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