Innovative Marine NUVO-EXT Aquarium NUVO EXT aquariums have an all glass overflow with the tried-and-true "Herbie" style safety drain system.

When something big breaks in the reef-keeping world, we want you to know about it. In this case we've got two big announcements you're going to love. ?

Innovative Marine is a company that never rests on their past achievements. They pay attention to what aquarists want and what's hot in the DIY reef world. To that end, we're excited to make available at a special discounted price, Innovative Marine's new NUVO EXT line of aquariums!

We visited Innovative Marine's headquarters in Cerritos, California this week to talk to the company about their new tanks. We were also lucky enough to snap the raw images featured in this article so you can see what the tanks look like up close.

Innovative Marine NUVO-EXT Aquarium The dual drains work in tandem to reduce noise and prevent accidental spillage or blockage.

"The inspiration to create the EXT line was thought of almost 3 years ago," recalled Royce Suzuki, Innovative Marine's Director of Marketing. "We wanted to increase our range of aquariums so we wouldn't be known as just an AIO aquarium manufacturer, but rather be known as a company that you can grow with. So why didn't we launch these tanks years ago? Well, we didn't have the vehicle to properly support them. When we came up with the idea for the APS stands, it was a match made in heaven."

Up till now, IM's aquariums were predominantly AIO designs. But many of you want to use an external sump system. The NUVO EXT series of aquariums are designed with an external overflow based on the reliable "Herbie safety drain" system.

Innovative Marine NUVO-EXT Aquarium How many different designer clownfish can you identify in this NUVO-EXT Lagoon 25 aquarium?

The twin drains work together providing a completely reliable, quiet overflow that works perfectly with a sump filter system. But that's not all. IM included a 1 x 3/4" return bulkhead with a flared return nozzle. This makes the new EXT aquariums completely reef-ready.

"One of the biggest challenges that came with the EXT's, believe it or not, was the overflow box," Suzuki confessed. "When looking at the EXTs, you see a glass box with a glass overflow. Simple enough, right? We ended up needing to purchase a special type of glass cutter that wouldn't just be able to cut glass, but also slot cut the rear panel of the aquarium and to round it off."

Innovative Marine NUVO-EXT Aquarium Innovative Marine uses a special type of glass cutter to slot-cut the rear panels of the NUVO-EXT series and round them off.

In case you're not familiar with Innovate Marine aquariums, we'll run down the main features you should know about.

  • Constructed with high-clarity glass
  • Rimless design with no need for external bracing
  • Beveled glass edges for precise fit and finish
  • Attractive black silicone sealer
  • Rubber leveling mat
  • Includes fittings and hardware

Innovative Marine NUVO-EXT Aquarium With the plumbing set behind the tank, you'll have 100% of the space inside the aquarium available for unobtrusive aquascaping.

The four EXT reef-ready aquariums are integrated with the new external overflows. You get to use all in-tank space for your corals, rock and fish. The EXT aquariums include:

Each EXT aquarium fits perfectly on top of an Innovative Marine modular APS aquarium stand. Together they create a modern, attractive reef aquarium that looks good in the home or office.

Innovative Marine NUVO-EXT Aquarium We spied AquaMaxx's new FC-80 protein skimmer running in the sump underneath a NUVO-EXT Lagoon 25 at Innovative Marine's headquarters.

"The NUVO EXTs can be used by beginner and advanced hobbyists," Suzuki said. "When creating a design for any product, the first thing we think of is simplicity. We try hard to remove the guesswork by simplifying instruction manuals, creating smarter packaging, and providing instructional videos. We know this hobby can be challenging. We want don't want to be a part of the hair-pulling."

Special Introductory Pricing - Save 15%

We are super excited to offer a a special limited-time 15% discount on all of the new Innovative Marine Nuvo EXT aquariums. We've even paired a few EXT tanks with sumps and pumps to make it easier to get a new reef system up and running.

The Lagoon 25 EXT and Eshopps CUBE Sump create a seamless reef display with a hidden sump inside the APS stand. Use the Sicce Syncra Silent 2.0 Pump (568 GPH) in the sump to keep water flowing through the filter system. For in-tank water movement, we recommend a fully controllable WaveLink DC Flow Pump (1500 GPH). WaveLink flow pumps are small but powerful and come with six pre-programmed flow modes.

Innovative Marine NUVO-EXT Aquarium Here is the NUVO-EXT Micro 30L aquarium on the APS aluminum stand with wood finish.

Match up a NUVO EXT Micro 30L aquarium with an IceCap 15 reef sump and you've got a beautiful "widescreen" reef tank. Keep the corals happy with a WaveLink DC Flow Pump (1500 GPH) for water movement. The AquaMaxx Magnus VSG-6000 DC Pump (1580 GPH) gives you full flow control through the filter system and includes a pre-programmed feeding mode.

The Mini 40 EXT pairs up with an Eshopps CUBE Sump and fits in the APS aquarium stand. The sump comes with a micron filter bag and it includes a compartment for a protein skimmer. We like the EcoTech Marine Vectra S1 DC Pump for the Mini 40 EXT. For water movement inside the tank, you can add a WaveLink DC Flow Pump (2300 GPH) or link two together for tank-wide water movement.

Innovative Marine NUVO-EXT Aquarium The NUVO-EXT Lagoon 50 looks awesome on this black Aluminum Profile Series stand from Innovative Marine.

If you're dreaming of a larger reef tank, now is the time to upgrade to a Lagoon 50 EXT. A Trigger Systems 26" Sump fits inside an APS stand for a clean, modern look. The sump includes a filter sock, protein skimmer compartment and allows for adjustable water level control. There's plenty of room for an EcoTech Marine Vectra M1 DC Pump (2000GPH) inside the Trigger System's hand-crafted sump. The linkable WaveLink DC Flow Pumps (2300 GPH) can be positioned anywhere inside the tank, ensuring your corals get just the right amount of water flow.

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We're really excited about Innovative Marine’s new reef-ready EXT aquariums. Everyone's talking about these tanks and we are pleased to share we now have them in stock. Even if you're just in the planning stages of a new reef, grab an EXT now because we won't be able to extend this special discount past May 2018!

Looking to the future, we asked Suzuki if Innovative Marine has plans to release larger NUVO-EXT aquariums in the future.

"What do your readers say?" Suzuki asked. "Most, if not all, of our aquariums were built from ideas that hobbyists have voiced to us over the years. If you want larger EXTs, let us know!"