XR15 and XR30 Light Diffuers - EcoTech Marine XR15 and XR30 Light Diffuers - EcoTech Marine


EcoTech Marine is a name synonymous with innovative LED aquarium lighting. Their Radion fixtures are proven performers in the arena of reef lighting. Never content and always working to improve their products, EcoTech Maine just introduced a new add-on lighting diffuser for the XR15 and XR30 LED fixtures.

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You may be wondering if this is just a gimmick or a serious improvement on the already great Radion lights. We'll break it down and explain why we think the diffusers are a worthwhile upgrade with real benefits.

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While the Radions have good light distribution and color blending, EcoTech Marine wanted to make the light distribution across the aquarium more uniform, similar to T5 lighting. As with many LED fixtures, you'll see some unnatural color fringing at the light boundaries near the shadows. LED reef lighting can also create flickering or "disco ball" patterns across the reef. The EcoTech diffusers are designed to create an even distribution of light and better color blending without making complicated modifications to your lights.

The diffuser is easy to install.

Just remove four screws and the Radion’s faceplate. Install the new white reflective faceplate in reverse order. The diffuser panel is held onto the new faceplate with built-in magnets. The retrofit is quick and easy. We noticed that the diffusers immediately eliminated the scattered disco ball flickers and created a smooth, more natural shimmer effect. The light was more evenly distributed across the reef, without color fringing. The EcoTech diffusers also hid the individual LEDs, making the Radions easier on the eyes when sitting at tank level! EcoTech Marine states that their diffusers reduce PAR by about 15-20%, but this can be corrected by bumping up your Radion's intensity.

We think the new Radion diffusers are a simple and effective upgrade to the XR15 and XR30 LED fixtures. They're easy to install and the benefits can be seen immediately.

The XR15 diffuser is now in stock at Marine Depot and you can pick one up for only $45. The XR30 diffuser is available for pre-order so you can reserve one today for only $65.