Where in the world was Bob Fenner this year?

I just back from diving in Cozumel. Earlier in the year I visited Kona (the Big Island), Mauritius, Madagascar, Roatan, and Fiji. And then out to New Orleans for MACNA 2017!

Cosumel Shrimp A Spotted Cleaner Shrimp photod by Bob off the coast of Cozumel

We know you are an avid diver.  Can you tell us what led you to the ocean and gave you the drive to explore our world’s oceans firsthand?

My father was a lifer in the Navy. Growing up in Japan and the Pacific Islands the fabulous sea was all around us. Once I went snorkeling, I was hooked!

Are you seeing effects of global warming and climate change on your dives?

Yes. Unfortunately most everywhere humans are concentrated there is degradation, pollution, and reduction in stocks. Much blue-green algae (BGA) and Cyanobacteria!

Bleached Coral The Ocean Agency XL Catlin Seaview Survey Richard Vevers

What were your thoughts on the documentary Chasing Coral?

It was a wonderful production. Some novel approaches with simple language for reaching a broad audience.

What are your top 3 tips for underwater photography?

  1. Become a competent diver first.
  2. Study what's "there" before your trips.
  3. Take your time to accumulate experience.

Duncan Coral A Duncanopsammia photographed by Bob

How do you choose where to go next for your dives?

I look online, in books, and magazines. I chat with friends on the Internet and in-person too regarding possibilities. I have a long-standing and adopted practice of scheduling successive trips ahead of going on the next.

WetWebMedia.com is your outlet for aquarium related news and content. How did this website come about?

I was approached by John Caskie of Flying Fish Express in 1995 to help put together an assortment of dry goods to sell online.  They decided to get into livestock and asked me to answer queries. I urged them to create a content-driven site rather than simply responding to people's questions. This evolved into Wet Web Media—a vehicle for sharing input and images; useful, actionable information to educate and enthuse fellow aquarium hobbyists.

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